Course Description

Developing Executive Leadership

When the stock market is making you wonder about your organization’s future every day of every work week, it’s vital to be well-equipped to optimize your company’s performance-as well as your own career-with executive leadership training. To exhibit real executive leadership, you must be a visionary, a trailblazer, a strategist, a communicator, a coach, a diplomat and a politician. The world’s most successful leaders are able to focus on the big picture and uphold high standards while wearing many hats.

This intensive five-day executive leadership training program combines proven-in-action techniques with peer interaction and insights from the latest research to help you master the competencies of effective executive leadership.

How You Will Benefit

  • Build an executive leadership style that creates trust, sets a clear vision and guides your entire team toward greater performance and profit
  • Gain insights into the key executive leadership skills and techniques you need to create a winning strategy
  • Learn what real “coaching” consists of and how to build an extraordinary team that works together to deliver results
  • Develop heightened “emotional intelligence” for greater professional achievement and satisfaction
  • Identify the characteristics of effective leadership and the most common saboteur
  • Develop an executive leadership style that adapts to the person and situation

What You Will Cover

  • Understanding Today’s Executive Leadership Expectations
  • Leadership with the Head: Exploring the Strategic Elements of Executive Leadership
  • Leadership with the Hands: Understanding and Appreciating Situational Leadership® II, the Art of Influencing Others
  • Leadership with the Feet: Personal Values and Ethics at Work
  • Leadership with the Heart: Practicing Ways to Communicate
  • Creating an Executive Leadership Development Plan

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed to provide executive leadership training for midlevel managers or executives who lead others with managerial responsibility. It will benefit executives who require strong decision-making skills and the ability to lead and motivate others.

Achieving Leadership Success Through People

The most successful leaders are those with the best people skills, especially during the most difficult circumstances. Poor communication and interpersonal relationships routinely thwart leaders who are otherwise technically competent. In order to succeed, leaders must be fully engaged with the individuals who make up their organization. Focusing skill-by-skill on P.E.O.P.L.E. (Professionalism, Empathy, Optimism, Partnering, Loyalty and Empowering) this seminar can help anyone in a position of leadership to better demonstrate caring as well as courage, and to use a P.E.O.P.L.E. approach to achieve maximum results.

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand the components of professionalism and the importance of setting a good example
  • Coach and develop your direct reports/colleagues to be more hopeful and empathetic as they develop greater professionalism
  • Create genuine partnerships and unity with, and among, direct reports/colleagues
  • Be more optimistic through reframing, resilience and positive language skills

What You Will Cover

  • Professionalism: character, composure, commitment, communication, competence and caring
  • Empathy: connecting and building rapport, understanding others and valuing strengths
  • Optimism: enthusiasm, eagerness to learn and teach, and resilience
  • Partnership: collaboration (vs. competition), creating synergy and teamwork
  • Loyalty: building energetic followers who persevere and are accountable to self and others
  • Empowerment: delegating, teaching, coaching and entrusting

Who Should Attend

Senior managers, directors, vice presidents and other executives, as well as midlevel managers and others in positions of leadership.

Collaborative Leadership Skills For Managers

Why become a collaborative leader? Because it gives you the ability to break down silos, to create an energetic department and team that has better business results.

This seminar will give you the skills to be an adaptive manager, someone who can create clarity, vision and build mutual trust with your team and other departments. It will show you how to inspire optimal performance from team members and help bring out their strongest talents.

How You Will Benefit

  • Become more effective by enabling each team member to share ideas and generate solutions
  • Remove roadblocks that prevent employees from doing their best work
  • Enhance team creativity and involvement without expensive programs or initiatives
  • Differentiate yourself and become more influential in your organization
  • Help increase employee retention and engagement
  • Develop a mindset that can increase your innovation skills and produce new ideas

What You Will Cover

  • Customize your management style to encourage employees to find their own answers to business challenges
  • Create a culture that fosters involvement from all employees and helps break down silos and isolationism
  • Embrace social media to enhance discussions, obtain recommendations and information, network and establish relevance
  • Discover the benefits and virtues of over-communication
  • Improve accountability by allowing your employees to have ownership of the results of their efforts

Who Should Attend

Midlevel managers who want and need to inspire greater involvement, innovation and business results from their direct reports, colleagues and stakeholders. (For team members and individual contributors.

Conquering Today’s Executive challenges

Just when you think things can’t get any tougher, they usually do. Every day, the bar is raised as far as grueling executive challenges go—but who has the specific tools and skills to deal with them head-on, in the best way possible?

This seminar goes beyond those tried-and-true leadership legends to work through some of the most critical concerns facing leaders in business—like leading change in a tumultuous environment, getting an over-burdened workforce to work even harder and fostering an enterprise-wide mindset. Using case studies, individual and group exercises, you’ll learn more analytical and disciplined ways to approach your response to change. You’ll get insights and methods to help you do more with less, plus highly effective tools for knocking down barriers to the alignment your organization must have. Other topics no leader can afford to ignore—like innovation when the company has “more important things” on its mind—will also be examined through practical activities and thorough discussions.

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand how to align your business units with the total organization/ culture
  • Get mobilized to lead and drive change—and obtain the buy-in and commitment you need
  • Create an entrepreneurial spirit that supports innovation
  • Use motivation strategies to keep people engaged when their responsibilities change or multiply
  • Develop an enterprise-wide mindset that supports both departmental and organizational goals

What You Will Cover

  • Situation analysis: your operating environment and how to be a “just right” fit with it
  • Self-assessment: your leadership style; a personal SWOT analysis
  • Successful executive leadership: the ABCDE Model (Adaptability, Behavior modeling, Communication, Decision-making and Enterprise mindset)
  • Motivating in quickly changing and difficult times
  • Promoting a uniform mindset throughout the organization
  • Inspiring innovation despite uncertainty and resistance

Who Should Attend

Senior managers, division heads, vice presidents, directors who recognize the need to upgrade their skills to match today’s toughest leadership challenges.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking helps you step back, examine your thought processes and make them more effective. You’ll ask the right questions, challenge assumptions and see others’ viewpoints with clarity. Business leaders agree it’s the only way to think at work—because it helps you get the best possible results.

In this course, you’ll get hands-on experience with a battery of practical tools (including the Watson-Glaser® Critical Thinking II Development Report) to help you make critical thinking an indispensable part of your skill set. You’ll find out things you didn’t know about yourself and make discoveries that can literally change your life. Instead of concentrating on theories, you’ll be working with an expert instructor to get comfortable with a concrete set of tools. You’ll then be ready to benefit from your new skills immediately when you return to your job.

How You Will Benefit

  • Explore real-world examples of why critical thinking is so important in business
  • Learn to use critical thinking skills when making business decisions
  • Choose the right techniques to recognize assumptions and draw conclusions
  • Know how to translate an abstract idea into something tangible
  • Minimize the impact of job pressures on your thinking processes

What You Will Cover

  • Recognizing the Value of Using Critical Thinking in Business
  • Understanding the Components of Critical Thinking
  • Obtaining Feedback on Critical Thinking Skills
  • Using Critical Thinking in Personal Situations
  • Applying Critical Thinking in Business Situations

Who Should Attend

All business professionals who want to enhance their thinking processes to achieve better results in business.

Note:  Before attending this session, you will receive a link to the online Watson-Glaser®II Critical Thinking Appraisal. You must complete the assessment to participate fully in this seminar.

A Strategic Tool for Effective Leadership

During times that would challenge even the most resilient and experienced managers, it’s never been more important to have an arsenal of tools, techniques and best practices for coaching employees. This seminar gives them to you—from analyzing the cause of subpar performance to creating a climate for effective employee coaching and learning…from giving corrective feedback to handling difficult responses to coaching. You’ll leave this three-day seminar more aware of your personal habits, styles and preferences when you are coaching employees, through assessments, role plays and exercises.

How You Will Benefit

  • Confront difficult situations with confidence
  • Develop a team environment that fosters synergy
  • Reinforce the behavior and motivation of peak performers
  • Turn around disruptive behavior

What You Will Cover

  • What leaders do…why leaders need to be coaches
  • Obstacles to coaching: the three-part coaching process
  • Creating a climate of trust and confidence
  • How to sustain trust when you confront poor performance
  • How to be confident in the face of a difficult challenge
  • Guiding a dialogue on performance

Who Should Attend

Team leaders, managers and executives.

How Leaders Inspire, Influence and Achieve Results

No matter how compelling the vision or how brilliant the strategy, without leadership communication there is no execution.

This fast-paced, results-oriented seminar is uniquely designed to strengthen your leadership communication skills. You’ll learn practical techniques to shape your leadership messages, hone an authentic leadership voice and engage in powerful conversations that achieve results.

How You Will Benefit

  • Improve your leadership communication skills
  • Build greater buy-in, trust and loyalty
  • Demonstrate grace under fire and defuse tension
  • Overcome resistance to change

What You Will Cover

  • The Voices of Effective Leaders – Past and Present
  • Finding Your Leadership Voice
  • Crafting Compelling Messages That Inspire Action and Produce Results
  • Setting the Stage for Powerful Communication
  • Taking tetting the Direction You Want Others to Travelhe Lead

Who Should Attend

Experienced managers and executives and anyone who aspires to a leadership position or who is expected to provide leadership.

Leadership Skills for Supervisors

You will explore how to maintain technical expertise while demonstrating the right type of leadership.  This seminar will give you the personal, interpersonal and group skills to be influential in one-on-one situations, facilitate group performance and become an effective leader.

How You Will Benefit

  • Develop interpersonal skills that help you communicate, listen and handle conflicts
  • Become more effective at influencing others
  • Accomplish goals and control outcomes when dealing with staff, peers, management and other departments
  • Learn how to work with groups and teams to solve problems and accomplish projects
  • Hold performance discussions that result in changed behavior and enhanced productivity

What You Will Cover

  • How to empower yourself and your staff
  • What leadership is from the supervisor’s point of view
  • How to build credibility and trust
  • Analyzing effective listening processes and skills
  • Learning participative leader skills and techniques
  • The three steps of the continuous performance appraisal process
  • Coaching, mentoring and how to give constructive feedback

Who Should Attend

Supervisors who attend this seminar will receive the supervisor training necessary to develop the individual, group and one-on-one leadership skills to keep up with evolving management roles and responsibilities.

Preparing for Leadership: What it takes to Tke the Lead

This leadership training course is uniquely designed to help leaders-to-be get ready for their new challenges and responsibilities. You’ll discover the heart, soul and mind of true leadership.   Through role-playing, self-assessment tests and other leadership training scenarios, you’ll explore leadership roles as strategist, change agent, coach, manager, communicator, mentor and team member. And you’ll learn how to develop your unique leadership style for maximum impact.

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand what a leader is…and is not
  • Project a more dynamic image
  • Discover your own unique leadership style
  • Determine which leadership attributes you already possess
  • Apply lessons learned through leadership training to take on your first leadership position with greater confidence
  • Get noticed by learning how to look and talk like a leader

What You Will Cover

  • Is There a Leader in You?
  • What Do Leaders Talk About?
  • What Is Your Leadership Image?
  • How Can You Build Your Influence and Power?
  • How Can You Develop Key Relationships?
  • Methods to Approach the First Day, Week, Month and Year of Leadership

Who Should Attend

Any manager who needs leadership training to step into a leadership role or who is about to take on a new leadership assignment.

Understanding Personality Profile

Perhaps one of the most dynamic uses of the DISC Test is its ability to analyze the potential for team success, team conflict or more importantly the true test of a team, team work. Being armed with the behavioral profiles of a team is key for a company’s talent management. Having the capability to create a visual image of multiple disc profiles on a single graph to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a group of people is key to corporate team building. Our DISC Training series on Dynamic DISC Tools- The Radar Graph presents this team building aspect of DISC training in an easy to understand format.

What You Will Cover

  • The principles behind the DISC system
  • How a DISC questionnaire works
  •  Details about each of the four DISC factors
  • Useful tools to help create an interpretation
  • A practical overview of DISC in recruitment
  • Integrated self-testing helps reinforce course content

Train The Trainer

The training field can change fast. New methodologies. New discoveries about the way adults learn. Changing expectations from trainees—and from your company. Get the practical platform skills and confidence you need to succeed.This powerful seminar puts the latest trends and techniques at your fingertips. Whether you’ve been training for a while or never stepped onto a platform before, this workshop will show you how to become a facilitator of learning, not just a presenter. You’ll build confidence, engage your audience from the beginning and leave your trainees praising your training abilities

How You Will Benefit

  • Boost retention with the latest in adult and accelerated learning techniques
  • Know the group’s needs and adjust your material to meet them
  • Build your credibility and trust with trainees and management
  • Create training that has the right flow from segment to segment
  • Open a workshop with confidence…close it with a wrap-up that guarantees learning

What You Will Cover

Active Adult Learning

  • Determining how team-building, on-the-job assessment and immediate learning involvement can occur at the earliest stages of a training program
  • Distinguishing problems that can be addressed by training
  • Devising questions for use in a training assessment
  • Focusing on outcomes and results, rather than topics
  • Crafting learning objectives
  • Identifying objectives as affective, behavioral or cognitive

Who Should Attend

If you’re new to training, a subject matter expert that needs to train others or a trainer who is looking for new, more effective approaches to learning, this is the ideal workshop for you.

Administration & Risk Management in Real Estate

Administration and risk management is a critical component of real estate property management. The record-keeping function must be carefully managed and, the greater the level of detail, the better the likely results. This function involves all the others, as:

  • the marketing & financial function requires records of expenditures and income, as well as tax records, advertising invoices and more,
  • tenant management involves records of all their requests, rental payment history and rules violations, and
  • facility maintenance & repairs require maintenance schedules, repair records for warranty, and employee and subcontractor personnel records.

What You Will Cover

Avoidance- The decision can be made to remove the hot tub or pool, as the additional rental income is not worth the cost of insurance or the risks involved.

Control– If the hot tub is retained, perhaps a coded lock and fence would be installed to keep out younger children.

Risk Transfer – The most prevalent way of dealing with risk is to purchase insurance to transfer the risk to the insurer.

Monitoring & Evaluation 

Town & Country Planning

Property Development

Property Maintenance Management

Real Estate Finance.

DCS real estate program includes course that will help real estate developers, construction firms, banks, entrepreneurs and risk management specialists understand the key components of real estate development and investment in the developing world. These courses will serve as an effective entry point for investment considerations in the real estate sector.

Customer Service Excellence

Customer service excellence will give you the competitive advantage you need to survive in a tough and increasingly uncertain business climate. In today’s customer-oriented business environment, “people skills” are critical for personal and organizational success. How you handle your customers can directly affect your individual goals as well as your team’s and company’s performance. This customer service training seminar gives you the skills you need to communicate professionalism, gain respect, enhance customer relationships and secure an overall competitive advantage through customer service excellence.

How You Will Benefit

  • Deliver better, faster service and increase customer satisfaction
  • Learn how to gain repeat business
  • Know what customers expect
  • Increase your credibility with customers—and your value to your organization
  • Manage stressful situations more effectively

What You Will Cover

  • The benefits of excellent service
  • Focusing on customer service success
  • How customer service creates revenue
  • Why customer satisfaction is based on perceptions
  • Focusing on customers’ top two expectations to save time and reduce stress
  • Managing customer expectations by personality style
  • Dealing with difficult customers

Who Should Attend

Customer service representatives, technical and support personnel, field service representatives, account managers, credit and billing specialists, small business owners—as well as managers who want customer service training in order to reinforce their skills and train their staffs.

Effective Public Speaking

Today, presentations and public speaking are very much a part of every executive’s responsibilities. Effective executive speaking is what distinguishes the successful professional from everyone else. Public speaking skills are most critical to your success-and to your individual and corporate image. Learn to use powerful tools and techniques to turn every presentation or public speaking opportunity into a rewarding experience.

How You Will Benefit

  • Speak and think with greater clarity and purpose, stressing key ideas
  • Face an audience or camera with confidence and control, and make the most of your own natural speaking style
  • Shape and organize your public speaking and presentations to persuade listeners and get the response and results you want
  • Conquer fear of public speaking and negative stress

What You Will Cover

  • Fundamentals of Executive Speaking Skills
  • Preparation
  • Delivery Skills
  • Essentials for Winning Presentations and Public Speaking

Who Should Attend

Executives with some prior public speaking experience who must speak in front of groups, make presentations, sell ideas to others or face cameras and microphones.

Interpersonal skills


You will develop and refine your content marketing strategy by brainstorming ideas and content for blog posts, webinars, web copy, email blasts and more. Through hands-on activities and case studies, you will leave with fresh ideas and content you can apply immediately.

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand how to incorporate content marketing into your marketing efforts
  • Utilize SEO principles and practices so people will find you easily
  • Publish your content and engage prospects and customers
  • Find out what content your customers really want–not what you think they want
  • Deliver that content and watch your website traffic increase
  • Track your results accurately

What You Will Cover

  • Discovering the importance of consistency
  • Looking into keyword strategies
  • Exploring various types of content marketing including email, blogs, video, webinars and published works
  • Studying SEO tips, tricks and best practices
  • Leveraging your current content by reusing and repurposing, not repeating
  • Optimizing your content by understanding its purpose and role in the sales cycle
  • Connecting with your target audience by creating the right content

Who Should Attend

Marketing managers, product managers, brand managers, CMOs web content managers, web developers and copywriters who want to see stronger results from their content marketing efforts.


In three days of advanced sales management training, you’ll get skills to keep pace with all the issues that are revolutionizing sales force management. It’s the sales manager training seminar to choose if you want to become a more effective manager—and advance further, faster, in your career. You’ll discover the can’t-fail techniques that have already benefited thousands of your colleagues. Here is advanced sales management training that will help you learn how to achieve peak performance in every area indispensable to sales management success.

How You Will Benefit

  • Develop leadership and team-building skills
  • Recruit and train a higher caliber of sales professional
  • Improve your sales team’s productivity
  • Keep your team accomplishments in the spotlight
  • Generate increased profits with fewer resources
  • Understand the internal motivators of your sales force

What You Will Cover

  • The changing sales environment
  • How to utilize a system for analyzing your sales planning
  • The dimensions of effective sales management
  • Understanding people: the basis for sales motivation and effective communication
  • Organizing and structuring the sales force
  • The attributes of standards of performance
  • Coaching, counseling and performance appraisals
  • The challenges of special personnel situations
  • Creative decision-making and problem solving techniques

Who Should Attend

Seasoned sales managers who want to refine sales planning techniques, build leadership skills and become more powerful decision makers, motivators, communicators, coaches and counselors through advanced sales manager training.

Time Management

Remember, every minute of your day impacts the business. If you answer yes to one or more of the above, it’s time to make real choices about how and when to spend your time. This seminar will help you identify causes of procrastination and indecision, pinpoint personal time-wasters and increase your concentration and focus. You’ll learn to schedule your time more effectively, stay on track and keep important goals top of mind, so you can stay in balance and be more effective and productive.

How You Will Benefit

  • Set and accomplish goals
  • Create priorities and establish realistic boundaries
  • Recognize and deal with time-wasters
  • Improve concentration and efficiency
  • Break indecision and procrastination habits
  • Use technology to help manage time
  • Create and recharge positive energy

What You Will Cover

  • Identifying personal time-wasters
  • Defining goals; establishing important and valid priorities
  • Creating a realistic and productive schedule
  • Dealing with self-distractions and interruptions
  • Increasing productivity by using technology efficiently
  • Identifying ways to manage email
  • Creating boundaries and balance
  • Prioritizing and choosing activities to balance life and work
  • Creating a personal “no” script

Who Should Attend

Business professionals who want greater control of their time, management style and life.

Financing and Accounting

Get a complete financial education in just four days. . .and be prepared to make more powerful, informed business decisions. From understanding the essence of cash flow to learning how to create value on a corporate level, this comprehensive program covers all the principles of corporate finance.

Through the effective use of actual case studies and annual reports of major U.S. public companies, you’ll come away better equipped to speak and interact intelligently with finance colleagues…make more informed business decisions…analyze financial statements with new clarity…know the workings of the financial markets…and understand that the core purpose of your firm is to increase shareholder value.

How You Will Benefit

  • Become grounded in all the principles of corporate finance
  • Reduce the risk of financial errors in managerial decision making
  • Learn how accounting and bookkeeping work
  • Discover the ins and outs of financial statements and what can and cannot be learned from them
  • Understand how budgeting fits into the world of accounting and the primacy of cash flow
  • Gain greater insight into all the principles of corporate finance, including interest and ROI
  • Find out how a firm allocates its funds to investment opportunities
  • Gain the skills that will help you make the right buy/lease decisions
  • Learn how to take advantage of cash discounts offered by vendors

What You Will Cover

  • Accounting essentials: booking transactions…cash and accrual methods…assets, liabilities and capital
  • Reading annual reports: reading and understanding financial statements…SEC requirements…forms and meanings of the Auditor’s Opinion…the importance of footnotes in financial statements
  • Seeing your firm from a finance perspective: the organization as an investment tool…classes of investors…WACC and EVA…the importance of cash and flow timing…leverage and risk
  • Evaluating financial statements: computing financial ratios to assess liquidity, profitibility, leverage and risk…the DuPont formula…merits and pitfalls of financial ratios
  • Operational budgeting: constructing and using budgets…avoiding pitfalls…budgeting techniques, variances and hierarchies
  • Time value of money: computing time value for money and applying the mathematics of compound interest and present value
  • Capital budgeting: preparing and using capital budgets…applying time value of money…using various mathematical techniques
  • How financial markets value a business: value models and financial concepts to enhance shareholder value

Who Should Attend

Experienced managers, general managers, directors, vice presidents and top executives in sales, marketing, production and manufacturing…as well as those in managerial positions (and up) throughout the organization who need a background in the principles of corporate finance.
Note: You’ll need a calculator for this seminar.

Training and Development

The meeting facilitator is catalyst, coach, coordinator and more. Like a conductor, the meeting facilitator must bring out the best in individual players and orchestrate successful group efforts.

The role of meeting facilitator demands exceptional interpersonal skills, keen observation, insight and tact. Mastering the techniques of meeting facilitation gives you the ability to direct meetings that reduce frustration and produce results.

How You Will Benefit

  • Make life easier and all meetings more productive
  • Set up meetings for success
  • Spark and enhance critical synergy and creative energy
  • Focus on the key facilitation skills of observation, diagnosis and intervention
  • Build consensus, handle conflict and keep meetings on track
  • Gain knowledge and skills you can apply to all group and meeting situations
  • Keep content, process and structure on track to produce positive outcomes

What You Will Cover

  • The effective meeting facilitator defined
  • The facilitator’s most basic information
  • Self-knowledge of the meeting facilitator
  • Facilitator skills: how the facilitator facilitates
  • State of group development
  • Levels of group dynamics
  • The meeting facilitator’s toolbox
  • Enhancements, advancements and reentry

Who Should Attend

This program is a basic course for managers who must facilitate results in meetings, group work or project teams, managers who have groups under their direction, as well as managers who work as internal consultants.

Increasing Personal Effectiveness

Target audience;

This course is suitable for Executives, Managers, Pas and Administrators who are keen to maximize their personal effectiveness to improve their performance at work.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

·         Recognize and acknowledge your strengths and areas for development.
·         Manage your stress levels and improve your efficiency at work.
·         Communicate more effectively.
·         Be more assertive and confident with your work colleagues.
·         Use persuasion and influence to achieve your objectives.
·         Understand the benefits of networking.
·         Set up a personal action plan with achievable goals.

What will it cover?

Getting focused – Working to Goals and Objectives

·         Identifying your organization’s value and objectives

·         Supporting your manager’s/team’s objectives

·         Working to your own goals and objectives

Understanding How You Work and Identifying Areas of Improvement

·         Identifying personal strengths and development areas

·         Building on your strengths and exploring personal potential

·         Recognizing the signs of stress

·         Understanding and developing methods to cope with stress

Effective Communication Skills

·         What impact does your communication have on others

·         Verbal communication, personal image and body language

·         Identifying and overcoming the barriers to effective communication and relationship building

·         How to communicate not just inform

·         Effective questioning and listening

Developing your Assertiveness and Self-confidence

·         How your behavior impacts on others

·         Defining and understanding assertive behavior and its value

·         Putting assertiveness into practice

Persuading and Influencing Others

·         Influencing others to achieve prompt response and deadlines

·         Voicing your views, ideas and requests in a persuasive manner

·         Gaining cooperation from others and minimizing conflict

Successful Networking – Developing Relationships and Learning from Others

·         The values and benefits of networking

·         Building cross-functional relationships

·         Understanding where networking opportunities exist and widening your support network

Personal Development

·         Formulating a personal action plan

S  Self Management

Target audience;

This course is designed for executives, managers who are responsible for their own and the effective performance of others. It is also for upcoming leaders in organization who have choices to make in carrying out their tasks.

What will I learn?

By the end of the self Management course you will be able to:

·         Analyze your current use time
·         Recognize Key Accountabilities and High Value Adding Tasks and Activities
·         Recognize time stealers and Low Value Adding Tasks and Activities
·         Schedule planning time regularly to retain flexibility to changing circumstances
·         Manage interruptions and other time stealers more effectively
·         Recognize the early warning signs of increasing stress levels and how to improve their Work-Life Balance
·         Develop an effectives system to help manage self
·         Recognize and overcome resistance to change
What will it cover?

The challenges of managing self/time

·         Understanding where my time currently goes
·         Analyzing my current time usage
·         Recognizing 4 major time stealers which destroy productivity
·         Another common mistake – why am I so reactive?

A perfect day

·         No surprises – thinking ahead
·         Planning my priority tasks – and making time for them
·         Dealing with e-mails, instant messaging, meetings and other distractions
·         Getting back into the zone
·         Times to chill and re-charge my batteries
·         Switch off – leaving work behind

What needs to change?

·         So what’s stopping me?
·         My habits, my choices – good and bad
·         My energy, at work and at home
·         ‘but it’s the way we’ve always done it’
·         Who’ll help me, who’ll hinder – negotiating the changes with others

Action Planning

·         Organizing your day, your week, your month around your priorities


Emotionally Intelligent Leadership


Target audience;

Managers and executives interested in why people resist change, what makes them tick, and what leaders can do to create and maintain truly productive work environments.

What will I learn?

As a result of this training workshop, participants will;

·         Realize that leading through emotions can have a dramatic impact on business results
·         Have a better understanding of what drives human behavior
·         Become aware of the importance of all Emotional Intelligence skills for effective leadership
·         Be able to use their emotional skills in order to improve their impact as a leader
·         Recognize different leadership styles, their likely impact and the situations in which particular style are more effective
·         Develop their ability to flex styles accordingly
·         Deepen their self-awareness and leadership philosophy

What will it cover?
·         A new dimension of leadership
·         The role of Emotional Intelligence in leadership
·         Different types of intelligence
·         The 5 Areas and 15 components of Emotional Intelligence
·         The applications of emotions to communication and results
·         The non-El leader and the consequences
·         The 6 Leadership Styles
·         The Leadership Styles Palette-flexing the styles
·         The role of the El leader in change management