Church Leadership Training Outline

This leadership outline is designed to help identify some of the most basic principles of church leadership. These characteristics should be found in all churches, but unfortunately, many of our church leaders lack true leadership skills. The lack of true leadership prevents the church from moving forward.

Most of our churches in the world are not moving forward at all. They seem to be more self-centered and are totally ineffective in reaching others for Christ. They may have a great pastor, one who has the skill, charisma, and the drive to preach the gospel but lack the support or leadership needed from others to accomplish any vision or outreach in their community.

It is lazy and egotistical for any believer to think that the success or failure of any church should rest solely upon the shoulders of their pastor. The true measure of success or failure is in the hands of its leadership. What type of leaders does the church have? Do they have a vision? Does that vision match up to the one that the pastor has? Are the leaders willing to learn or are they bound by fears of inadequacy? I truly believe that everyone can learn a few basic skills that can make them more effective leaders.

So, what makes a good leader? This outline tries to answer that question by examining some of the characteristics, qualities, and examples of what makes a good leader. Leaders provide direction. But unfortunately, too many of our churches in the world have become poor examples of what Christianity is all about. Every church should have quality people: those who lead, encourage, and direct others to become even greater and more effective Christians.

The world needs the church like she has never needed her before! People in every country and community are looking for something real and genuine. They want a real church with real people who really care!   This leadership outline is designed to help your church leaders to understand the importance of true leadership and discover ways to make your church even more effective. I pray that this outline will help you and your church to move forward in becoming a true and viable force in your community

Effective Communication To Deal With Change

Church problems and a lack of growth often stem from ineffective communication and a lack of team work.  Departments seem to function as it has for years, doing the same thing over and over again, believing for different results.  New pastors often come in with new ideas of change, but people are resistant of doing things different than they accustomed.

Directional Dialog is a way for conversation and ideas to be expressed in the direction or goal you wish to accomplish, especially when stakes become critical and emotions are involved.  It is the changing of action that is pleasing to us or how to get things done in a more constructive way.

Constructive talk that brings different issues to the surface and invites creative ideas”  Charles Swindoll.

10 Principles for Excellence

People who have become excellent have several distinguishing qualities.  Here are ten observations that will help you become excellent at what you do, along with several challenging reflection questions to help you become excellent.  We will break it all down during the highly interactive session.

  1. People of excellence are honest about where they are, then they raise the bar.   
  2. People of excellence perceive average and stagnation as enemies.   
  3. People of excellence understand the potential threats to their excellence.  
  4. People of excellence realize they cannot be perfect, but can come close.
  5. People of excellence excel from year to year.
  6. People of excellence constantly work on themselves.
  7. People of excellence dress above their environment.  
  8. People of excellence expect excellence.
  9. People of excellence are influential.  
  10. People of excellence are attracted to excellence.


Most pastors starting out never imagined themselves spending time counseling others.  All their energy was spent in preparing and sharing the gospel.  Today’s pastor wears many hats.  They are the CEO of the church, having to develop knowledge in accounting, management, legal issues, and having so many duties to perform.

One of the most challenging duties is in the area of counseling.  One day a pastor may counsel with a church member on their marriage and the next day trying to help someone thinking about suicide.  A pastor must help those who are grieving, whether in death or illness.  Other issues may develop in PTSD during military conflicts or disaster.

DISCLAIMER: This section is to provide helpful information for a pastor.  It is not intended to make a pastor a licensed professional counselor but offer suggestions and knowledge in certain areas.  It is our suggestion that a pastor be aware of their limitations and seek professional help when needed.  This training can be useful in understanding and helping those in emergencies.

Pastor’s Role in Crisis Situations

Many of you may be facing the most difficult role of your life as a minister.   You may find yourself in the midst of the most horrible disaster imaginable.  Even though it is hard to imagine, God knew beforehand that you will be facing this disaster and He will provide the strength and energy to get you through!

Our concerns during this training for ministers is to provide information and care for you and your family, to ensure that you remain as a pastor without the stress, burnout, or fatigue that can come over time or through a natural disaster.  As a global training institute for pastors, we are here for you!!!  Don’t be afraid to call on us.

Even through tragedy, God’s love and provision will prevail if one is sensible and provide the necessary safeguards to ensure success.  God is using you in such a time as this!

Guidelines For A New Pastor

Every new pastor is excited to finally achieve what they have studied, trained, or mentored to do.  But yet, being a pastor can be very challenging.  We have accumulated 10 things we believe are indisputable guidelines for any new pastor.  Our goal is to eliminate any unnecessary mistakes and provide ideas to consider.  We hope and pray that God will richly use you at your new church.  This training will take participants through role plays, and help them become pastor’s pastor.

Pastor Appreciation

Pastor Appreciation is a time on honoring our pastors. Some merely think we are honoring a man or woman, not realizing they are representing God’s plan for us. God gave us pastors to encourage us to seek the things of God. As we honor our pastors, we are actually honoring God.

Pastor Appreciation is as much for us as it is for our pastors. Baby dedications are more than just a ceremony or dedication, it gives charge for the parents on how to raise that child. Funerals are more than honoring the dead, it gives encouragement, support, and instruction for those who are living. It is not up to an individual to determine whether a pastor is worthy of receiving appreciation, it is showing honor and respect for God’s plan for each of us.

Many pastors are reluctant of allowing time for a Pastor Appreciation Day but just like offerings, it can rob someone of receiving a blessing from God. It is not about honoring a person, it about honoring the position they fill.

Listed below is a link to our Pastor Appreciation ideas and outline. It provides information and ideas for a Pastor Appreciation Day. We also have a link to our video that can be played at your church on Pastor Appreciation Day or perhaps a week earlier as a way of creating anticipation of this day.

We at Deon Consulting appreciates our pastors and we need to do everything possible to keep our ministers in the ministry as well as educate others of this importance. This training spells out ideas, and how it should be organized.  May God bless you and your church for honoring your pastor!

To enroll for any of this classes, please use our contact tab to get in touch with us. May God richly bless you.  Amen